GJD Multimedia and Web Solutions is a company that began life in the UK at the end of 2000, and was introduced in Spain at the start of 2002, and our team comprises staff of both nationalities.

Our professional experience garnered over this period guarantees our versatile work in multimedia and other fields related to the Internet and the publicity of numerous different products and sectors, with special emphasis on subjects within the world of motoring where we are recognised for our specialist skills.

The uniqueness of GJD is the integration within the same package of several different services including multimedia, Internet and social media, from the graphical design (corporate image, application interfaces, computer graphics) to the final promotion of the product (advertising campaigns - on and off line, pamphlets, brochures) through the correct development of the product (multimedia presentations, webpages).

Additionally, our relationship in the world of motoring and motorsport, both from a technical perspective as well as our understanding of the sport, gives our company a unique situation in Spain since we offer our clients (driver, organiser, team, sponsor, etc.) our professional skill, the enthusiasm and the deep knowledge of the methods in which to develop their operation which results in an end product adapted to the needs of the client and those of the fans of the motoring activity.

At GJD we focus on every project as a whole in which each of its parts is intimately related to the rest and we deal with the complete execution, without depending on any external suppliers for any content, in order to guarantee perfect coordinationof the project, both in image and performance, generating a final product that is both more homogeneous and dependable.

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